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Broadway Nights

Charity Night - Completed

4th October 2013
From 7:30pm till late
At Taxi Drivers' Club - Cherry lane, Walton, L4 6UY

Featuring the fabulous Broadway Nites, Cold Buffet, Auction and Raffles on the night - all for just £5 per ticket

For tickets or details please contact Lynn on 07910 523 860 or call the SAMM office on 0121 472 2912

Serven Mile Swim

Severn Mile Swim - Completed

A 61 year old woman will be attempting to do a wild 1 mile swim in The River Severn on 18 August 2013 to raise funds for SAMM (Support After Murder And Manslaughter) and Hope House (local Children's Hospice).

Avi Sanders Royle, a chiropractor, became involved with SAMM after she received their support after the brutal murder of her stepson Julian Sanders in 2000. She enjoyed swimming and used to swim a kilometre of breast stroke once or twice a week until she had a mini heart attack 3 years ago. Avi gradually got back to the swimming and increased the fitness; building up to a mile (64 lengths) on two or three occasions a week. She says &I was hopeless at swimming the crawl - a length was impossible so I went for some lessons 18 months ago.& In February this year, Avi achieved her goal of swimming a whole mile of crawl! She has been doing this regularly since then and has been looking at what the next goal should be. Avi did consider learning to do a backward somersault from standing on the ground but fairly swiftly dismissed that barmy idea! Then she heard that there is a wild swim in the River Severn of a mile in August.

She recently went for her first swim in the River Severn and says that this is going to be a real challenge! Extreme cold gives her angina since her little health hiccup, but her GP has given her the green light as long as she wears a wet suit. Avi says "It is the hardest thing I have ever done! Even though much of it is downstream, just breathing at all is a challenge!

TO DONATE... Please go to and put AVI in the remarks column.

Good Luck Ladies!

Bike Ride - Sidcup to Nottingham

Bike Ride - Sidcup to Nottingham. - Completed!

Two wonderful women will be cycling from Sidcup in Kent to Nottingham in memory of two very special people in their lives.

Karen Holland lost her brother, Robert Holland on 28 October 2011, due to 'one punch' manslaughter.

Kathy Barber has lost her son, Danny Barber who was attacked on 27 May 2009, when a group of thugs turned on him whilst he was returning home. He died on 1 June 2009.

Karen and Kathy will be cycling from Sidcup (Roberts home town) to Nottingham (where he was murdered). The ride will end on the 1 June , which is the anniversary of the date that Danny Barber died.

Both these courageous ladies are participating in this awesome fundraiser to raise awareness of 'One Punch' as well as to raise funds for the charity 'Support After Murder & Manslaughter'

Now support these wonderful ladies go to there fundrasing page which is located at Bike Ride - Sidecup to Nottingham - Donate Now.

Good Luck Ladies!