Support for the bereaved

After this type of bereavement you can feel lonely, frightened and isolated and truly feeling as if no one understands your pain and grief but everyone within SAMM knows how that trauma and pain can affect you. All our specially trained volunteers have been bereaved in this way. Talking confidentially to someone who does understand can be so helpful and make you realise that you are not alone with your pain and distress.

This type of bereavement is unique, many people feel isolated and fearful with some experiencing ‘flashbacks’ and feeling as if no one can understand how they feel.

People often feel fearful but can’t exactly express what they are frightened about. For some it is the realisation that they world is not a very safe place for our surviving loved ones. If you lose someone you love through murder then it can make you very fearful for your own safety and that of your other family/friends. This is a natural reaction and talking to others who have been bereaved in a similar way can be reassuring as you realise that others feel the same as you do.

We offer confidential non-judgmental support to anyone affected by murder or manslaughter via a telephone helpline, a secure on line forum, non-religious weekend retreats and seminars.

What SAMM can do for you

  • Listen to you! Anything that you tell us is in complete confidence and will not be discussed with anyone else without your permission.
  • Give you access to an on-line forum only for families or friends who are bereaved by murder or manslaughter
  • Liaise with other agencies on your behalf, such as the Police, Crown Prosecution Service, Probation Service, etc.
  • Send you our quarterly newsletter so that you can read what other families are experiencing and be assured that you are not alone.
  • Run seminars and meetings to bring people together for mutual support.
  • Run non-religious retreats and art therapy weekends to help people work through personal issues and gain needed support.
  • Signpost you to other services that may be able to help you
  • SAMM works closely with other child bereavement charities, principally Winston's Wish, Child Victims of Crime, Jigsaw4U and The Child Bereavement Charity and can help with referrals to these charities.

Please contact the SAMM office on
0121 472 2912 or use the 'Contact Us' form.