Penny Dixon

Training & Development officer
I have a Masters in Art, Health and Well-being and during my studies I explored different therapeutic approaches to people’s well-being in relation to their physical and mental health. I also researched support systems necessary for people who have been both bereaved and traumatised. In addition, a major proportion of my studies also involved exploring the different forms of volunteering within various organisations.

The majority of my work has involved using art as a means for people to express themselves. It can provide a bridge or a talking point for subjects that can be difficult to instigate. My interest in bereavement issues began when I lost my sister suddenly at the age of twenty and also a baby boy several years later. Personal experience has also given me an insight into the shock and distress undergone by people especially in the cases of traumatic loss.

I also have a teaching background related to a variety of subjects including literacy, numeracy and life skills as well as the arts.