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Dear friend,

We are asking for your help. Killed Women ( is a campaigning organisation and network for the bereaved families of women killed by men. We are led by and represent families who have lost loved ones and we are asking for your help in a UK wide survey of families whose female relatives have been killed by male violence.


Our survey is being hosted by Ipsos UK, an independent research organisation, and is for the relatives of women killed by male violence where there has been a criminal conviction or a finding of unlawful killing at inquest.  We know this does not cover all bereaved families’ experiences, but we hope this is just the beginning of KW’s ongoing outreach and research.

Here is a link to the survey: 

KW has put this survey together to try to better understand the experiences of families who have lost a loved one. We believe the voices of families need to be elevated, listened to and acted upon

This research will help inform the organisation’s work and campaigning, and the overall findings will be collated into a report, which will be published.

This is an anonymous survey and it will not be possible to identify a particular individual in any published materials. If you would like to participate, it will take approximately 20-30 minutes. We would like to assure you that all the information KW collect will be kept in the strictest confidence.

We deeply appreciate that completing a survey like this may be difficult. It will be asking you questions about the loss of a loved one; we want you to be prepared for that before you decide to participate.

The questions are a mixture of: Yes and No questions; questions that require a rating; and questions that allow for further information to be shared by you. Please only answer the questions you want to, and that are relevant to you. Questions are about: your relative and the crime committed; the perpetrator; about your experiences with services and agencies (for example the police, social services, the CPS, support services); the legal process; others involved, including children; and other priorities. We will not ask you for details about the nature of the homicide or injuries.

You can stop and exit the survey at any time, but please be aware that you will lose any answers you have already input if you do this before you submit. You can of course skip any questions you want.

We know some questions might be very hard, or sometimes it might feel too short or simplified for such personal and serious subject matter. We have put these questions together because we know families want to speak about certain issues, and because we want the report we produce to be an accurate reflection of families’ experiences.

If you feel you might need further help or support, we have included some contacts for organisations that you might like to reach out to on the ‘Support Services’ link in the survey. If you feel you might like some extra welfare support to complete the survey itself, please email us back on and put ‘Support to Complete Survey’ in the subject box.

The information collected in this survey is intended to be used as part of our campaigning – so we may use anonymous quotes, in the press or in publications.

More than one family member can respond by completing separate surveys, if they feel they have experiences they would like to share.

Here is another link to the survey:

As we say above, we know this survey does not cover all families’ experiences.  We know there are many families who have lost loved ones following either a suicide or a suspicious or unexplained death.  This is an incredibly important area that we hope to campaign on. If you would like to hear more about this work, please email us back.

Finally, we apologise if you receive this survey from more than one source; we are trying to reach all relatives and families who might want to share their voice.

Thank you for your time in participating; we truly appreciate your bravery and openness. 

Of course if you have any questions or would just like to hear more, get in touch on

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